Sep 8, 2010

Miosotis Heats Up. And The Bartender's Brain Cells Bubble…

Miosotis in XXXtraordinary - that's a tropical heat wave out of control. After her debacle with the IncrediblePass/TitsAndAssPass run ClubMiosotis, where she was was presented like a Third World brand car from 4th hand (and very likely paid correspondingly), former Daktari Lorenz model Miosotis now has her 2nd round of releases on Scoreland sites. The 3 videos going up to Scoreland and XLGirls in May - 2 HC scenes, 1 Behind the scenes/solo clip looked lightyears better than the ClubMiosotis content. Apart from that comparison though, their main thrill just was showing Miosotis and her boobies (in action) - for many of you surely enough to get excited. But these weren't Content Of The Year' material.

This time Score, so it looks, has sent the A-Team. Her outfit couldn't have been chosen better, giving her 36KKK boobies the perfect life of their own. Her overall style is super radiant - she never looked better. But more importantly, gone is her occasional cold acting. This is a different Miosotis: totally relaxed, radiant and with an ongoing bubbling energy to overwhelm the bartender. For the ride of his life. Definitely Scene Of The Year material. The images say more than words...

Sceencaps from the promo trailer on ScoreHD (for more check the WMV sample clips):


Score have released the scene all over their various sites. From Scoreland's promo gallery:



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