Sep 11, 2010

Bettie Pumpkin in: Bathtime Bettie (bath tub melts down)

Bettie Pumpkin? Have to admit frankly that i totally missed her so far. I few entries down i wrote: Where have YOU been? That was all planned cause i can say now: Where have i been? - I have no explanation…

Anyway, starting in 2008 and for about a year Bettie Pumpkin used to have her own slot at BBWPinups. A couple of weeks ago she returned to the world of paysites, the multi-girl site PlumpDolls. Bettie is a beauty. And she is super curvy, in every aspect. Maybe the photography before didn't expose that clearly enough. But i'm not sure.

Bettie clearly is rooted in the goth/punk/alternative style. But not reduced to that. She can be a sweet, natural girlie, do 'expressionistic' looking shots or look gorgeous and radiant. Bettie just convinces and amazes. I'm still rubbing my eyes, in disbelief: How could i overlook such a sexy model?

A couple days ago "Bathtime Bettie" went live. I'm afraid the heat coming with Bettie caused some damage...  

A screenshot i made from her promo trailer:


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