Nov 6, 2012

Milena Velba, Katerina Hartlova & Shione Cooper: Beer, Big Boobs And Big Sausage

It's almost a year since i've blogged about Garage Trouble, the release from Milena Velba's site with Milena Velba, Katerina Hartlova & Shione Cooper. It has become my most popular post since i'm doing these blogs, and till today lots of people are still checking it. Getting popular buxom beauties like Katerina and Shione together with a big boob queen like Milena Velba of course means an almost sure success. But i think that also the garage theme as well as the fascinating interaction between the girls contributed considerably to the excitement. Now there is a follow-up out - Wirtshaus Trouble, again with Katerina Hartlova, Milena Velba and Shione Cooper.

A "Wirtshaus" is a basic, traditional pub/tavern in the southern parts of Germany, selling drinks and often a few dishes. This one obviously is a Bavarian style Wirtshaus, as we see Katerina Hartlova and Shione Cooper wearing Bavarian "Lederhosen". The girls are having a "Brotzeit" (bread time) - another typical Bavarian tradition: instead of lunch, people have bread and sausages, served on big wooden boards, with beer! Shione and Katerina look super sweet and hot with their braids and those leather pants, up for fun and lots of laughs. It's amazing, they totally look like being real friends for ages. They are cute and glowing! Maybe the beer helped that a bit. Notice Katerina's "crazy" eyes on some of the screen shots.

The fun increases, as Milena arrives, serving the "Brotzeit". Katerina and Shione surely want Milena's incredibly big boobs included in the meal as well. Milena doesn't have to be asked twice. After receiving a first massage by Katerina, Shione licks the beer off Milena's mega boobs. And then the mutual breast licking, sucking and massaging starts. Milena get even motor-boated with a big sausage… This new 3-girls-trouble release looks as iconic and thrilling as the first one. That's why i'm including more screen shots than usual. But also because it would have been tough to decide which ones i should leave out. The almost 15 min downloadable video is available for members of Milena Velba's site.


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