Nov 12, 2012

Alice 85JJ - Naturally Unreal Boobs - The First Video

Last Monday i've blogged about one of the most spectacular modeling debuts this year. XX-Cel  surely introduced a girl we don't see very often with the release of the 1st Alice 85JJ pictorial. Alice is a plumper/BBW with an amazingly soft and round looking body. On top of that she kills us with these tremendous huge 34JJ boobs. Boom!! In the meantime more updates have been issued. XX-Cel released the continuation of the first set - 70 new images where Alice 85JJ gets completely nude - and an over 13 min video, matching the pictorial. DivineBreasts have released an image set as well now. But i think it's Alice's debut video what everybody is most curious about. What do you think after seeing the screen shot on top? It doesn't get more dramatically hot, right? Okay, that still is quite from the end of video. However, right from the start, even when she is fully dressed, Alice looks like wanting to blow us out of our socks. With such lethal boobs and such a body, this is not too hard. Also she is obviously in a more flirty and loose mood, compared to the pictorial. Finally i rate it as a big plus that Cel, unlike a few other big boob producers, doesn't mainly captures his models from their boobs upwards to their face, or even only their boobs. Thus we're getting much better impressions of her real - jaw-dropping - dimensions. The whole 13:16 downloadable HD video is available for members of XX-Cel. More screen shots:


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