Nov 4, 2012

Alice 85JJ - XX-Cel Introduces Another Girl With Gigantic Boobs

Staying with spectacular boobs - Cel, our man from XX-Cel, has introduced a new model. Not just another model. You can already tell from the clothed shot that this girl has serious torpedoes to unleash on us. They are mega serious actually. Her name is Alice 85JJ. According she Cel's own info she was born in Bulgaria, is 25 years old and needs 34JJ cups for her gigantic boobs. I googled a bit and found a few more traces. According to those she has been based in Romania, but is currently staying in Germany. This girl keeps getting around apparently. Alice 85JJ is, together with Roxi Red, surely THE contender for being the most spectacular big boobs discovery in 2012. She has also a nice big round butt, with a good amount of soft juiciness all over… When her images popped up on my screen, i got directly blown away by her boobs, but i also thought: This girl could come a bit more out of her shell. However, after letting Alice 'work' a little longer on me, her direct look at us, with this occasional mischievous smile, is surely nice actually. XX-Cel can be wickedly proud to have a girl of such a caliber (so far) exclusively on the site. These samples are from Human Morph which came out with 70 images 3 days ago. I notice that her first video has been released too now, which i'll hopefully feature soon as well.



  1. I don't know why but this girl drives me crazy - so damn beautiful!

  2. I'd love to see her lower her breasts on some guy's face and make him beg for air.

  3. She is the new "Big boobs Quenn" she has got a nice alook and a perfect body and incredible big natural boobs,...she is spectacular and I love Alice


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