Nov 22, 2012

Alice 85JJ: Photo Set #3 Of The Mega Boobs Sensation Is Out At XX-Cel !!

After her modeling debut at XX-Cel only 3 weeks ago, she has already become a big success. And that is no surprise at all, since her boobs are not just big. 34JJ, that number alone leaves no doubt: Alice 85JJ's are downright huge! Her first video put her, if you want so, in a more complete perspective: Images, especially of a model with spectacular boobs like Alice 85JJ, tend to aim rather at the initial effect. While this video showed a remarkably nice, occasionally even cute looking Alice move her incredible treasures smoothly through the set. Yes, these mega boobs surely are the ticket to her, but Alice is a complete smooth and curvy wonder. XX-Cel remains on top of things and have quickly released the 3rd pictorial now: Alice wearing a lil black dress - not for long! - and posing on and around this chair. And since i've promised it before, at the bottom are samples from her 2nd pictorial - Alice 85JJ getting completely nude for the first time.


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