Nov 5, 2012

Ewa Sonnet - Cams Caught Her a Little Naughty

Obviously this isn't Ewa Sonnet in her hut or at Busty Beach, but probably back home in Poland for her latest 2 updates at, the site that holds all her content. 2 cams are set up to record her while she is moving through this room, from the couch up onto this table behind her, back to the couch again, to the floor etc. And she is loaded with funky energy! I held my breath when she, standing on one leg, bent over to put one of the lamps down to the floor. She kept the balance nicely! My eyes opened wider when i saw her hands move under her panties, clearly not randomly. We don't see Ewa doing that very often. These aren't spy cams, Ewa Sonnet knew that they were installed, but with few exceptions she doesn't directly tease to the camera, which creates a particular charm. But the most exciting aspect is her natural sexy grace, combined with this remarkable energy. Her performance was recorded by 2 cams in different positions - that makes 2 of the updates at from the last couple of days. The 3rd update is a higher quality re-issue of her classical Candles And Roses release.  


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