Oct 15, 2013

Jaime/Melissa Manning Testing Some Very Tight Lingerie (Cosmid Video)

I haven't posted a lot of a Jaime/Melissa Manning recently, at least not as much as would like. But what can i do when there's a drought in my inbox, at least in terms of Jaime? So i went to the ever interesting and original Cosmid site. And noticed that they've updated with another video a bit more than a month ago. Jaime's Victoria's Secret shows our popular super busty darling lingerie shopping. Notice how thoroughly she checks for the right fit! Such a sexy girl in everything she does. And yes, her big boobs are looking majestic! This one was shot before Jaime/Melissa Manning went blonde, so it's not recent. But if i hadn't her known before, this clip alone would be enough to become a huge fan. You find it at the Cosmid site, as her 22nd update there, together with mega tons of more stuff, since they're updating almost every day. More screen shots from the trailer:


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