Oct 10, 2013

Katerina Hartlova: Wildlife, Abandoned Tech & Her Curvy Hot Assets (BestLegShow)

I recommended BestLegShow, the site run by Czech-American photographer Jana Krenova, a couple of times before. Jana is a very ambitious and acknowledged photographer. What she keeps creating is serious quality and often very original looking content. Without getting quirky just for the sake of it, like so many other REAL photographers. Shione Cooper as the secretary wearing provocative nylons or Shione as the gorgeous domme have been epic releases. I am not surprised that Jana has worked as well now with Czech super favorite Katerina Hartlova. There are quite a bunch of Katarina Hej (as BestLegShow is calling her) photo sets and videos already on the site. Here's a couple of screen shots from Watering Herbs, from the low res trailer actually (expect much better quality for the members video). The location looks amazing, no? Abandoned tech versus wildlife. And this massive old school watering can for sure got my attention :D No comparison of course to Katerina's long sexy legs or her tight round butt. And these delicious big boobies! Love her wild hair style too.


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