May 13, 2013

Natalie Fiore - So Tight And Huge, Blowing Us Out Of The Water (XX-Cel Video)

Most of her modeling work in the last years (but not all of it) happened with The Score Group. Tons actually. Very recently now, after a remaining quiet a bit, Natalie Fiore shot lots of new content with XX-Cel. The first video looked absolutely incredible. Something On The Water, her 2nd video (alongside 4 pictorials) is out now. And again just too hot to be true. Natalie appears so outrageously curvy and stacked, possibly making your jaw so drop so heavily it might got stuck there forever. Her 38HHH boobs look so tight and huge, as well so beautiful, it's miracle. At the same time she comes across so sweet and beautiful, especially at the beginning - what a cutie patootie! Natalie Fiore never showed up with a hard look before. But this increased very real looking soft grace comes as another very attractive variation. Natalie Fiore as the lady in black is totally mind-blowing. More screen shots from this new 16:04 downloadable HD video out at XX-Cel:


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