Oct 6, 2011

Shione Cooper And Westy Smoking At The Beach

Lipstick111 created a super classic with these (mainly) videos starring Shione Cooper and Westy at the beach. And they shot a lot. Now here's something that i had missed so far because Lipstick111 didn't advertise it outside their website and added it to their members section during the last months rather silently. Signup fee btw costs only $7.12 currently. Una Cigareta and Una Cigareta 2 are two clips running almost 12 mins together, showing Shione Cooper And Westy while they have a refreshing drink and smoke a cigarette together. The quality of these screen shots isn't good (the actual videos look much better) - it seems i have the better tools for capturing :D But the cute charm of this candid situation is working even on these samples. While Shione and Westy just look too hot and dandy.

A better quality capture

Form the same session as well


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