Oct 29, 2011

Denise Davies - Car Wash In Fine Style

Checking TopHeavyAmateurs and their preview galleries, i noticed that they have 33 (!) alone featuring UK's legend, the gorgeous Denise Davies. That's a hell a lot of content, considering that its not their style to present the same pictorials over and over again in various galleries. Add to this massive collection an archive of videos.

So here's the latest one. Denise Davies decided to get her black car back into a shinier condition. She does that in the best fashion, wearing stylish sun glasses and this similarly neat pink and black bikini. Car wash sets are a particularly nice occasion to show a girl's treasures from all kinds of great angles. So expect Denise's curvy treasures, in particular her 36K boobs, to shine all over the place. Denise Davies in her blazing glory! TopHeavyAmateurs releases their galleries in an amazing 2000x3000 pixels resolution. Samples from the preview gallery:


1 comment:

  1. People dropped the ball on this model. They were more interested in her huge boobs than the overall package that she offered. I would have had her in stiletto heels to compliment her legs and ass more. Most photographers do not know what to do with a model because they have no creativity. Oh well it is way to late now.


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