Oct 26, 2011

Leanne Crow: Beach Time! Later Tub Time!

Scoreland released in quick succession 2 more image sets with Leanne Crow. Tits 'N' Tub, starting in reverse order, came 2 days ago, with 75 images. Leanne takes a bubble bath in an old school but very stylish looking bath tub. That means a whole a variety of intimate and as non-generic as sexy views of her astral body and her 34J boobs. Yes, thankfully she doesn't spend that much time inside the tub. Her gorgeous smile only increases the fascination. If you didn't know why this super babe from the UK is such a unique attraction, here you can see Leanne as close, and as sexy as things can get. Tits 'N' Tub is the matching image set to the Leanne's Last Day in St. Maarten video which i've featured as well.

Boob Goddess of the UK, another photo set, was issued by Scoreland a bit more than a week ago. 58 images of Leanne Crow showing off as the queen of the beach. And besides pinup styles shots, we're getting her more personal look as well, like in the final sample.


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