Oct 1, 2011

The Flux Of Recent Updates On Nadine Jansen's And Milena Velbas's Sites

Both the websites of Nadine Jansen and Milena Velba have kept up their stunning high standards. I mean the part alone of leaving the visuals very natural (there's nothing artificial in the lighting or the looks of the models), but creating such an right-in-your-face impact pulling you almost into these shots, that's unique. It's the wizardry of photographer Daktari Lorenz making that possible. A summary of the recent updates.  

My favorite one is Katerina Hartlova (Kathy Kozy) as the singer/guitar player from Nadine's site. Katherina always impresses, that's true. But seeing her in this set, with such exceptional radiancy, her sexiness has grown new wings.

Dominican Poison aka Issy has 2 new image sets on Nadine's site, besides the video that i previewed before. She graces the garden, with her tight top, and her lusciousness. And overwhelms ignorance offenders as the tight and endowed police girl. Kick-ass hot!   

Shione Cooper returns in style and fashion. After keeping an extremely low profile in 2011 - nearly all releases with her were productions from last year finally seeing the light of the day - this one looks new (although i don't ahve an official proof). And it brings the "classical" Shione Cooper back. Waiting at a (as it looks like) retro subway station, she shows the whole range of the gorgeous special one that she can be: thoughtful, curious, bored, smoking a cig, dreamy, girlie-style or flirty. And those 34F boobs! Our ex-punk girl from Prague in full swing. In another update from Nadine Jansen's site.

Milena Velba's site has also Shione waiting at the same deserted station, this time together with Milena  (i like these variations). Shione sits right under the train timetable. Milena wants to check that and hangs her boobs right into Shione's face. From where the action starts. Some funny qualities in this one, also.

Now to Milena Velba's solo updates. In the first one she appears in a woolen dress, quite the distinguished the lady. With eventually uncovering her 36J boobs to their full glory. Royal pleasures! Now, in a different fashion, everybody knows that Milena is a biker girl. We've seen her in a couple of bike sets before. Here she poses on and by a huge trike. I personally don't share the passion for bikes, but her bike sets are always massive. Milena Velba rules any outfit or location, but i'd rate her rather casual sets as particularly stunning.

Nadine herself has been the subject of countless discussions recently. For a her public thoughts to retire or to give other models more room on her site (more in this entry). And for her instantly noticeable weight loss. With a number of people seeing even parallels to Eden Mor and her fade out of the modeling scene - Eden has given up her domain recently. Most of that is pure speculation, of course. And only Nadine herself might have an idea into which direction she is steering to.

After her sea cruise set Nadine has published another shining 'Nadine in Jeans' release that i've previewed before. The most recent update she shows her in a retro washing room where she is getting some 'helping hands'. At least the standing shot shows why so many people hope that she will stay in full swing for a long time. Nadine's sexiness and radiancy are without comparison.    


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  1. Nadine's weight loss was stunning. After around three years of trying without much success she managed to lose a lot of weight in about three months. I have no idea how she did this. I know many preferred the "chubby" Nadine but I always liked her a bit smaller. Nadine has done well in this respect and today looks smaller than ever. Her boobs may not be quite so big but she still as a fantastic shapely figure.


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