Jul 13, 2011

Micky - Delicious Show By A Jamaican Pool

Yet another update featuring Micky with recent shoots taken in Montego Bay for Score. Must say i personally welcome it as a true progress that Score apparently changed their policy to release related content (like the various Micky image sets & videos) in a much quicker succession rather than spreading them out over a long time span.

Today Micky massively populates the hotel pool area. By looking around a bit - so that we can look a bit closer. Uncovering her goodies - we're looking even closer now. And covering her body with moderate doses of oil - yes, the view on her 34J boobs and her delicious body is perfect now …  (From the previews i can't tell if she'll play in the continuation of the set).  

Micky Melts Montego is a 90 images photo set and so far only available on the Scoreland site. I wonder if everybody else is happy with Score giving their images this glossy postcards look? When i chose the following 4 samples from the preview gallery, i instantly picked those where Micky still has a more personal touch compared to the others. What is everyone else thinking?



  1. I loved Micky when she was modeling for Nadine Jansen's website. But with these new photo sets for Score, I've all but lost interest in her. Where her sets for Nadine's site felt relaxed and natural, the Score pics seem so fake and artificial; overlit, generic, and devoid of any warmth or personality.

    Any time I see a model go "big time," like this I always think, "we've lost another one." Too bad.

  2. Like i indicated in the article, i'm a bit skeptical about this 'processed' looking glossy style too. I find the images a bit 'flat' and lacking dimensions, mainly because of the uniform look of her skin and the leveling effect of the light. So that (in your fantasy) to a lesser extent you want to move closer and touch her… However, that's just my impression. And there should be people out there who prefer the processed 'fantasy look'… At least they didn't make her look trashy, a quality often introduced by other sites.

  3. Filters and photography aside, I guess the main point I was trying to make about seeing a favorite model of mine going "big time" is that they all-too-often lose their personality and their individuality in the process; they become just another generic mannequin and lose what made themselves special in the first place. I can already see this happening to Micky.

    I'm also disheartened when they lose their "innocence" (for lack of a better term); pursuing the path that 99% of models do by going down the inevitable road to hardcore. I guess most models think (or are convinced) that the only way they'll have any lasting power in this business is by doing XXX photos and videos. I was disappointed when Chloe Vevrier and Linsey Dawn McKenzie crossed that line. Off the top of my head, I'm glad models like Danni Ashe, Nadine Jansen, and Ashley Sage Ellison have resisted so far. It is my personal wish that Micky could resist, as well.

    Don't get me wrong. I enjoy hardcore photos and videos as much as anyone else here. It's just that I occasionally prefer to be teased; to maintain a little mystery. Once models cross the line into hardcore, there's nowhere else to go.

  4. I don't follow each of your aspects. But i support your main point.

    What i miss so often is straight pulsating attractiveness of the models. Rather than seeing them come across as one-dimensional as a used car dealer: you see a plastic smile, and all that matters is getting the deal done (no offense to used car dealers btw - they've always given me good deals). I think the trouble is that most producers are thinking too short: By forcing their shoots (and the models) way too much into particular concepts (shoot ideas) instead to encourage the models to and focus on presenting them with the richness of their dimensions and qualities.

    As a random example, i've just seen an ad for a girl taking an 18" dildo. The dildo is all over and right in your face. While you get rather random or distant views of the girl, and her generic smile/naughty look. While i understand that a few folks get a kick from such a concept, it's realization would have been much better (and would generate more sales), if they had spent a little more attention to a more captivating and attractive presentation of the girl. Instead there's just the focus on the dildo. So the set is lost on everybody who doesn't have such a preference. It wouldn't have been hard to do better. Just a kooler, more loose or bubbly approach.

    I don't think that a softcore model doing only a couple of hardcore scenes (like Chloe) changes much. At least not for me. I would think that most of the softcore models have plenty of sex in their private life. So not much of a change. I can see though that constant hardcore work easily can have an effect on a model's mentality. And on her whole style of acting - usually by becoming rather one-dimensional and less attractive. Again the stricter concept-oriented character of hardcore comes into play. Plus issues with her own role in general (they're doing something that is frowned upon by the society) eventually might come up. Another problem of course is that a model might lose its established fanbase after turning to hardcore.

    But there are occasional exceptions… In the end it all depends on the model's mentality. It is true though that the industry is not built on the longevity of models. They rather exchange them all the time with 'fresh blood'. The concept-oriented approach here might come into play again.


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