Jul 10, 2011

Aneta Buena Is Back? And Even Hotter Than Ever? [Upd.]

I must admit i'm far from being on top of things here. For years i haven't seen any news from Aneta Buena. So i even stopped looking for her…

MyBoobs.eu took over her old site and integrated it as one part into a multi-site network, along with the sites of Ines Cudna, Kora Kryk and others. So you have to buy just one subscription ($29.99 for the 1st month) to get access to 11 sites, most of them boob focused ones. I've done a quick check and found Aneta Buena featured on a few of those other sites as well.

Most importantly though, this doesn't look like just repackaged old content. Her older works are made available again, sure thing. Hopefully in better quality than on her old site. Now, i wouldn't bet my money on that, but i think this first image looks new. If somebody has more info, please clue me in.

Checking the updates page of Aneta Buena's site, i found more new looking content. The following one now is the real killer!! Aneta Buena together with a friend - that's Kora Kryk, right? - as 'tourists' haunting an inner city area. This super tight white dress doesn't do anything but to give an upfront impression of Aneta's tremendously sexy thick curves, with her 34H boobs on top of it. And she even does unleash them. Yes, that's Europe!

 A few more samples from the sample gallery:

This particular angle of course helps a lot. But … did she ever look hotter than that?  

A 1:10 low res sample clip of the video is here:


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