Jul 23, 2011

Ines Cudna And Marysia TakTak - Boob To Boob

I have talked twice already about Aneta Buena and her site which is one part of the MyBoobs network. Another one - of the 11 sites altogether that you can join with one signup - is dedicated to Ines Cudna, as well with a decent amount of content. Here she teams up with very busty young cute plumper Marysia TakTak, who has her own site on the network too. BTW, after people seem to love commenting about her unusual sounding name, i researched a bit. According to what i found "tak tak" in Polish means "yes yes". On the other hand i refrained from spending time to find out how current these shoots are. When you already know it you might enjoy to see it again. If it's new to you you might want to check it further. A few samples from Ines Cudna's boob to boob encounter in the bath tub with Marysia TakTak:


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