Jul 8, 2011

Dors Feline - Her Hottest Shower

She has done shower sets before. PlumperPass now released Soapy Tits, and that's the shower scene (full-length video & image set) with Dors Feline to be seen. Well, not just the shower scene. I think most will agree with me that Dors last appeal with her straight longer hair and her (less outfit focused) upfront show-off vibe brought her femininity to maximum effect, carrying her popularity to new heights. Here she appears with very little makeup. The effect is amazing. She looks so classically beautiful, flirty and naturally hot at the same time - just epic. I've seen some truly mesmerizing stuff with Dors Feline before. But this release in my view tops them all.

A few screen caps from the Flash trailer

Those look like downsized samples from the site (there isn't an official preview gallery):


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