Mar 12, 2011

Siberian Beauty - Tightest Boobies And Ass

I'm not lying when i say that i only post stuff here that i personally like. And because i like a large variety of girls and different types, my list of featured models is getting bigger and bigger. While i have most of time nice things to say, without even having to exaggerate. You have to keep that in mind when i talk about Siberian Beauty. She is really something else. When i check her updates, she usually just get me saying Lordy! This girl has a pair boobies PLUS an ass, and so tight at the same time, it's sheer incredible. Screenshots from her recent updates:


1 comment:

  1. Showing you her belly from all angles, she demonstrates how her belly goes "skinny" when she sucks in, and how it grows and bellows out when she lets go of her and out, in and out...skinny then growing big, skinny and then big... As always, her deliciously curvy pear/hourglass figure shows off the pear-fect proportions and you'll be delighted with how happy this little game makes her... Watch Plump Princess Clips


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