Mar 5, 2011

Michelle May - Magnificent Michelle

I realize that after presenting a big announcement of Michelle May's return after she became a mom, i can't skip her actual return sets. So in the last months the Scoregroup have released 2 videos (no image sets apparently). Flex Time With Michelle May and Tits Magnificent  are both solo sets (Michelle doesn't do hardcore). The reason why i didn't cover those instantly was mainly lack of time and/or other releases that caught my interest more initially. As well some releases just take a little extra time to put them into the right picture.

Michelle May obviously makes a different impression now. She is no longer just the shiny dolled up, very busty teen. Her boobies are enormous, she is much juicier all over, and she has a more natural cutie next door appeal. This is quite a growth from her original image. But if you look closer, her original adorableness unfolds inevitably. A hypnotizing effect. Love it to have given these releases another run. Screenshoots from Tits Magnificent - Flash or WMV - and Flex Time With Michelle May - Flash or WMV clips.  


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