Mar 8, 2011

Reyna Mae - Banging Hotness, With Pure Elegance

Haven't seen a lot of news from Reyna Mae since last August. Al least not much that went public, since Reyna isn't giving a lot of infos or previews away regarding her own site. Now she returned for a HC update to PlumperPass. It is shot in a way - thankfully - that we're getting very good views of her from all angles, and i have to say Wow!!! It seems i needed this reminder to see what a knock-out girl she really is. Look at this ass, these boobies, her juiciness - those are royal curves. 

And on top of that Reyna has a look with a special something. I mean she comes across as pretty straight forward, there's nothing tilted. But additionally she has something - looking for an appropriate word here - what i would call natural elegance. Sure, of course you can see her new update (like all the others) just as a straight boy/girl sex scene. But look how she holds her body when she's on top in those screenshots below. Or see her expressions. Yes, i say that's elegance in its pure form, coming from a nice inside swing. And that's a huge extra turn-on. Somehow she reminds me a bit of the (young) Siouxsie Sioux, if i'm not taking things too far here lol Samples from the preview set and promo videos.  


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