Mar 16, 2011

Nadine Jansen - Exquisite Nadine

There seems to be vast supply of interesting locations available for photo shoots with Nadine Jansen. Impresses me all the time. This time she is getting comfy in this exclusive suite and . . . lets her boobies all hang out. Accompanied by her expressions which are fascination of its own kind. New set on Nadine's site called Suite Exquisite.


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  1. I remember back in 2001 when Danni asked Nadine in Nadine's first "In bed with Danni" interview. "Do you know what a corset is?" yes it makes your boobs look bigger and gives you a sexy shape replied Nadine. "do you own one" asks Danni. A smiling Nadine shakes her head and answers "No I dont have one" Since Nadine's pregnancy Nadine has been photographed many times wearing one. So I guess she has now, if only for photosets. I think Nadine looks great in a corset!


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