Jan 17, 2011

Shione Cooper - Epic Shower + Prague Guide (w/ Sophie Mei)

Lipstick111 really keeps impressing me with their updates. They seem to follow quite simple ideas but, or rather because of that, do get the best and most exciting qualities from their models. This counts in particular for Shione Cooper who can show so much more than just being an average pornstar. Her peculiar personal appeal, so at least is my impression, contributes for more than 50% to the excitement about Shione, and her quite dedicated fan base. In other words, being the dark-haired beauty with those big boobies (who gets down and dirty at times) is the ticket for people paying attention, initially. But the aspect that makes them keeping excited, and what makes Shione exceptional, is her peculiar appeal. That's my impression at least.

Contrary to the bath tab set recently released by DDFBusty (previewed in this entry), of course an inciting set too, she does no active teasing here. Shione looks like totally being herself - somehow a return to her early 'cagy' style, but to a lesser extent with those rejective, slightly arrogant or 'bad girl' notes (what looked highly attractive too because it always came with a certain cuteness as well). The effect is dramatic, making her look fascinating, adorable and illegally sexy. Her super short 'signs' of a smile even increase this epic impression. 

I took tons of screenshots from the promo release. And had a hard time with cutting down the number of pics to post. I'm still posting A LOT. But the way i know Lipstick111 i think they're fine with that. These ever changing impressions of Shione just needed to be documented.

Lipstick111 released as well a casual set with Shione Cooper and Sophie Mei showing up at some prominent places of Prague. Even these shots keep me focused. And hell, i wasn't aware that Sophie can have such a cute and almost shy quality. Scroll down for the tourist guides.

 Is that Shione's reply to my request for an interview? 


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