Jan 14, 2011

Shyla Shy - Not Sports-Shy

Delicious Shyla wants to do some sport. In the end, not really a surprise since we're talking about a PlumperPass update, her sports session turns out a bit more thorough… Right at the beginning, in that casual outfit, she looks tremendously gorgeous. The joy of simple but effectively chosen outfits! So much better than most of the lingerie stuff. But Shyla Shy is usually nicely dressed in her scenes anyway. 

And what a body she has. I've praised her wonderful shape before, coming with that illegal ass and those equally nice boobs. Paired with her extra softness and her shining beauty, i'll rate her as one of the hottest plumpers in a long time. Shyla Shy should be much more popular. Probably the content she's usually associated with is limiting her appeal.

A few samples from the promo gallery first. Screen shots from the trailer are below. 

 Not a fan of these curly hairdos though

 What a booty!

 Did i say i like that outfit?


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