Jan 15, 2011

Baddass Brunette - More Than A Book Could Tell

Baddass Brunette has become a real favorite here. Maybe she even was one right from the start? I mean if there were international awards (The Bomba Awards ? :D ) i could easily see her nominated in the BBW categories Best Boobs, Best Booty and Best Belly. Baddass Brunette also quite likely has the most accomplished style of coming up with themed sets. Each of her updates looks a snapshot or cute little "setting" of its own kind wherein she unleashes her sexy episodes. There's lots of creativity but realized in the most natural and alluring way. Each episode seems to tell its own little story. An amazing achievement - what would make a 4th nomination.

Baddass Brunette tells that she is an avid reader. In "Bookworm", her latest update, she grabs a book and eventually got a little carried away… I would hire her as my personal storyteller anytime. If i had one advice for Baddass Brunette, than i would show the "badd" expression to a lesser extent. And rather live up more to these cute little "settings". 

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