Nov 2, 2010

Maxii: Boobs N Belly All the Way

After my last entry i had a more intensive look at Maxii on the PlumpDolls multi-girl site. My verdict: Maxii is a true queen… Not just the queen of the MILFs - i'm not a friend of such categories anyway: they limit our perception. Maxii as well is not just curves queen. She has the most natural, confident and alluring way of showing off. Going through her sets, i hardly noticed a pose or expression that i didn't like. And her photographer doesn't do gimmicks. No odd angles or inflation of close-ups - he does what a good photographer is supposed to do. He captures Maxii in all her glory… Aaand: she has a video up now: Maxii almost 6 mins creaming her voluptuous curves.

Previews of Maxii's latest releases:


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