Nov 23, 2010

Alix Lakehurst - Big Service Alix Style

Alix Lakehurst is one of the few girls who - i can't help it - always puts a smile on my face. She looks like you have seen her before, but you couldn't talk to her cause you had to rush a business meeting or something. Days later you look again... damn, this girl!  You know that she's a writer, she has a blog where she shares original observations about her adult or personal sex life. Alix wouldn't do Hi sexy people!  talk. Or speak about the 7 sexy fairies. She (often) talks about the quirky stuff. But in a good-hearted way. And she has that massive ass to give you lots of wet dreams. Together with those cute big boobs that got her on plenty of big boobs sites. Alix Lakehurst is a real complete package.

In her new update for PlumperPass she comes as a maid. Not an outfit i usually get excited about. But Alix even FILLS that one out. With lots of vivid energy. Alix looks bigger than ever. Then, as a performer, she looks exceptionally not staged. Alix means pure and juicy action - more reasons to put a smile on our faces. Promo gallery samples:

Screenshots from the low Q promo trailer:


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