Nov 15, 2010

Kristina Milan - Exciting New DVD Release

I knew something like this was coming (smoke signals :D ). Score finally released a fresh scene with Kristina Milan. This time not with her breasts dripping from leaking milk, it's shot long after her pregnancy. Her boobies still look plain HUGE, and Kristina overall bigger than on her older content. She's a super sexy babe. And his red thingy she's wearing plus the lighting make her shine right from the beginning, while she still shows her little quirks. Note: Kristina Milan is not your average porn star. So i love these little peculiarities. It's what makes her special by adding a nice personal touch. Screenshots from the promo trailer:

 The DVD is titled Busty Brown Sugar and only available through Score's EboobStore. Featured models are Kristina Milan, Camelia Davis, Tatiana Blair, Lady Spice and Vanessa Del. Screenshots with Vanessa:


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