Nov 17, 2010

Shione Cooper revisiting the Pool Table + Demolition Girl (Classics)

There obviously is a fascination seeing Shione by or on a pool table. So she did at least 3 such sets. In each of them she is right in her element, playing, giving us stupendous views of her unaffected sexiness, with her unusual intriguing "Shione" vibe on top of it. I wouldn't mind to see even 10 or more pool table sets with Shione. Seriously! Currently she has been and is very busy again with shooting content (lots of hardcore, as i understand). We have to wait a bit for the release of those - a perfect opportunity to return to her classics in the meantime.

This pool table set (video and photo set) was released by MelonsTV and probably shot last year, in her softcore days. Unlike Shione's other work for MelonsTV, this one has an amateurish touch (the way it's shot) - nothing bad with that, as Shione's casual look is nice. And she builds up a perfect thrill by the table - great views! - till she delivers the gorgeous show of crawling over the table  to us. Samples from the photo set:

The preview clips are unusually small - MelonsTV members videos look decent - a few screen shots:

 No entry about pool table sets however is complete without Shione's infamous stunt for DDFBusty:
==>Shione Cooper on DDFBusty

MelonsTV as well did Shione's super iconic "Demolition Girl" set. "Demolition Girl" probably is THE release which months ago established in the most intriguing way her peculiar appeal of being the soft and tough but also the genuine girl - something you normally don't see on one girl at the same time. She has a tough girl outfit, she shows she can use a hammer, but look at her sexiness, and her expressions. I don't have words to describe this. Regular size screenshots from the video: 

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