Feb 7, 2015

Waitress Liza Biggs - Big Boob Dinner. With Herself!

Another month, and here is our special girl Liza Biggs (==> all posts) again! This time as a waitress, and in another solo girl release. At the beginning she is wearing glasses, and obviously in a mood for fun. So we're getting yet again some looks we haven't seen before. Yeah, Liza Biggs and her many looks. With some pix she posted on her Twitter or Instagram i really had to go to my collection of other photos, in order to make sure that this is indeed her again. No kidding. I have never seen a model before who can look so different, even come across as such different types of a girl, and usually look just mind-blowing. Unbelievable! As well - probably this is the reason why she can be so multi-faceted and versatile - she seems to have remained unusually off and unaffected from streamlining her behavior or style to what is considered as generic in this business. Let's see how this will go in the future…

Eventually the waitress costume goes off, and boom! Here they are, these tremendous looking huge boobs! Liza turns to the cake, so things are getting a little messy, and Liza Biggs VERY heated! I think it is great move that Score keeps doing these solo updates with her. Because only when she has the stage for herself we're getting the full range and dose of what is making Liza Biggs so unmatched. Big Boob Dinner is out since 2 days - the photo set at Scoreland, the matching video at PornMegaLoad and Scoreland. Samples from the preview gallery and screen shots from the trailer (sorry for the blurry main shot, wanted to include it nonetheless). 


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