Feb 12, 2015

Samantha Lily - Spectacular Newcomer At Score Breaks With Traditions

Checked a few other blogs before writing this entry. So, surely not as a surprise, i've seen a lot of rave going on about this girl, and many are convinced that she will be one of THE newcomers of this year. Samantha Lily started as a cam girl about 2 years ago. And 2015 she is finally breaking into the big boob modeling world. PinupFiles just released her debut sets, calling her Samanta Lily. And now her first update is out at Score as well. At a first glimpse, Samant(h)a Lily comes across as the pretty girl from next door - always nice to see her, right? If you catch more of her totally genuine look - excitement grows!

So far i haven't mentioned her boobs yet. 32JJ - that's one number!! Samantha Lily has tremendous looking big boobs! Meet Samantha Lily - photo set is out at Scoreland, the video at PornMegaLoad and Scoreland as well - looks like she's returning from Uni and, with keeping her casual makeup and clothes, gets ready now for caming. These visuals very noticeably break with Score's tradition of clearly not like real life looking studio sets. Maybe it turned out difficult to organize a production team and a studio up to Score's usual style in Russia (where she is apparently from), but the Pinupfiles sets don't look so different from their usual style. So maybe Score went this route intentionally. A good decision IMHO, as Samantha looks super gorgeous in her Score debut. More samples format the promo gallery and the trailer:


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