Feb 4, 2015

Maya Milano - Very Big Boobs! And Such A Gorgeous Girl!

Maya Milano is another Score discovery. Starting about 6 months ago, they're releasing a steady flow of image sets and videos, at their Scoreland site and most of them at their PornMegaload site. Scoreland hosts 8 pictorials and 8 videos so far. They haven't provided not many details about Maya yet. No stats f. ex. but we can clearly see that her boobs look amazing - natural and very big. G cups, i would guess. We don't know either where she is from. I've seen enthusiasts saying that Maya reminds them of Natalie Fiore. Well, i can see that too. But then Maya Milano looks so sexy and gorgeous in her own way, she doesn't need any comparisons. As this shot from the promo gallery is showing, or my screen shots from the sample clip. These samples are from Boobs Glorious Boobs, released early January 2015. 


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