Jan 31, 2014

Minnie Mayhem: Huge Cutie - Huge Boobs - Huge Lover

My inflationary use of the word "huge", then this first view of Minnie Mayhem - the alarm bells should be ringing now :D Well, her boobs being so close to the camera kinda increases the effect. But, compared to last year, Minnie has indeed become a much bigger girl. She is incredibly curvy now. In particular her boobs, surely looking impressive before, what a stupendous view! I only got these screen shots (there aren't any promo samples so far) from Super Boob Sunday, Minnie Mayhem's fresh new work with PlumperPass, but these views are blowing me away. Another big deal is Minnie's gorgeous comical talent - yes, we've seen glimpses of that before. In this new scene we're getting a better taste of it: Her lover has only eyes for the tv set. Not for long though. A naughty and cute super babe like Minnie Mayhem has A LOT of tactical flexibility for changing the game... And, as we know, girls with a good sense of humor are also the best lovers. Super Boob Sunday comes as Minnie's 4th exclusive update for PlumperPass, with 100s of photos and an over 25 min HD downloadable video.


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