Jan 29, 2014

Jennica Lynn. A Pool. A Wet T-Shirt. BOOBS!!!

My goodness! This blog is in radical need for updates! Unfortunately, after traveling and keeping sidetracked by other stuff, i couldn't spend much time at the computer, at least not at my main machine. But here's my return with a splash :D Not only because we see Jennica Lynn with another *wet* update. Jennica surely is the most spectacular new model from 2012, and quite likely not just in the voluptuous and busty category. Her boobs are plain huge, 34M to be exact. While she comes across as such a good-looking and radiant girl as well. She's a tremendous girl! My title tells the whole story of Wet T Time, her latest 8 min video (-only) update at XL Girls. Plenty of splashing views of Jennica Lynn's super treasures! So thankfully Score keeps filling their various sites, in particular XLGirls, at a quick rate with Jennica Lynn releases, their at least in my view, best discovery since a while. More screen shots from the low res Flash trailer and WMV sample clips:


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