Aug 19, 2012

Amber Hall - Bubbly And Bouncing Appetite

My blog obviously doesn't have a primary focus on hardcore. You could probably tell so from its title. Nonetheless i used to feature hardcore releases in rather steady fashion - when i thought that they looked radiant or just were relevant to some extent. But those got less and less recently - in my view hardcore has become increasingly generic, flattened to the most obvious expectations, and lost most of any personal touch. Plumper Pussy Beating, Amber Hall's brand new release for PlumperPass, her 14th for the network, doesn't break with this development. But it has Amber Hall in it :D Amber looks plumper than ever, her 36G boobs just too gorgeous, while she still comes with that tremendous vibe of a bubbly sweetheart who has at the same time an appetite for action that doesn't take any prisoners. Thus blowing you away both because she is so adorable and because her energy is so unstoppable. A tremendous excitement. Another producer told me recently that Amber "is not a dedicated model". He meant to say that her focus is not to shoot as much content as the market would take, thus ruling it out f. ex. to build a personal site for her. She rather stops by for shooting new content only when she has some spare time, wants the extra money etc. Who knows, maybe that's why she is so special in those few releases that she keeps doing. More samples

Screen shots from the Flash trailer and the WMV sample clips


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