Aug 8, 2012

Kristina Milan: Tight Perfection At XLGirls

Recently i reported that the company running the website have revitalized it by getting Kristina to shoot a batch of content for them. That doesn't mean that she is more involved into that content (or site) like with any other work she has done in the past. Like with her work for Score, Kristina got paid for the time she was available to shoot that content, and that's it for her. Hopefully the money wasn't too bad because on some of this new content she looks like a desperate circus clown.

Of another quality is Peaks Of Perfection, a 70 images set just been released by XLGirls. Kristina Milan is one of the models with the most jaw dropping curves, and she looks perfectly packaged into these tight pants and this blue 'something' barely containing her 40J boobs. Nice shiny colors, and the whole set is about Kristina luring us more and more into the divine softness of her enormous treasures, something that she seems to enjoy thoroughly. It's an essential Kristina set, if you want so. Sweet to see that Score can still update with such a wonderfully straight and pure release, after we've already seen a serious amount of updates with Kristina on their various sites. Obviously they have done much more work with her than i had been assuming. More samples from the preview gallery:


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  1. These are **serious model shots, not those of the "chimp crew" as they call 'em, a crew that committed even a credit-card fraud.

    Unserious people that can treat bad the models.
    Stay at large from them

    In one word: If one wanna do modeling better she does it seriously with serious websites.
    Or on the contrary the amateur like shots.
    There are many on the web, and serious.

    But stay afar from that kind of people.

    Porn world can be dangerous


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