Aug 20, 2012

Valory Irene & Katerina Hartlova Go For The Best Decoration

Valory Irene tries to set up a little decoration for this table. Katerina Hartlova says No. Lets take YOU as decoration instead. Sounds familiar? Not exactly? - Well, there appeared this video a few months ago. Indeed there was this table to be decorated. But Valory and Katerina got carried away by other eye candy. In particular each others big boobs. Now the matching photo set is out on Nadine Jansen's site. While video naturally emphasizes the sexy vibe between these busty queens and the smoothness of their interaction, these images now do add depth and more dimension to their gorgeous encounter. It's amazing. If you asked me who of them i like more, i couldn't tell. They both come across just wonderful. The whole set is out as one of the August updates on Nadine's site.


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