Dec 4, 2012

Melissa Manning - She Plays The Hottest Set Of Bongos

What would you think if you had a band and Melissa Manning aka Jaime turned up for an audition at your rehearsal room? Now the success of our project is guaranteed, right? Reminds me that my first musical effort saw me playing congas and bongos too. It was a fusion of blues and free jazz :-O Without achieving much attention though :D We should have tried to recruit a band member like Melissa! After her white sweater pictorial and video update recently turned blonde Melissa shows up with Big Bongos, her 5th image set for Scoreland. She comes with her own set of bongos - yes, 36H boobs, the view to get our senses funky! But Melissa can play much more than that. She comes as such a whole package of radiance and sexiness, that's totally unique! Also, after we have seen so skillful and delicate with her hands and moves before, i'm sure she soon would get some good effect from these instruments in the rehearsal room too. More samples:


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