May 28, 2011

Mandy Majestic Site Launch: - Sweet, For Real And Huge In Every Aspect

Once upon a time, actually in 2005, there was a cute and super radiant 19 year old busty Canadian plumper. Her name was Amanda Majestic. She got featured on a paysite. These 12 sets, the first ones shot with a cam phone (what in those times meant only 'fair' quality), while the second half were rather gorgeous looking amateur shots, made an unforgettable impact. Such a combo of straight beauty, 38F boobs and the juiciest plump curves was something the modeling world hadn't seen before. And she came with a vibe that is best described with totally natural and sweet but with dedication. So don't get fooled: Amanda isn't just an aim-to-please girl.  

Then she disappeared. Actually she didn't disappear completely. Amanda continued to be active occasionally with her webcam on iFriends. Those performances were an experience in their own way. Amanda can be such a naughty girl. She is unstoppable then, but still keeps her cute and gorgeous look. 

And now she is back the big way. Her name has slightly changed - to Mandy Majestic. All the other changes are huge. Her boobs grew to enormous 42K. And as a whole she is a big BBW now. Easily. While her totally natural and adorable appeal seems to come even stronger than ever. Okay, if you're following my other blog and have seen my big entry from last year, you're not really surprised so far. 

But now the big news! Mandy Majestic takes the center stage with a site again, and this site just has launched. This time everything is in another dimension. Not only Mandy Majestic. Photography and videos look much more professional. But without losing her personal charm. That's certainly some terrific work what has been done to make Mandy Majestic's new (and if you want so first real) site happen. Just see yourself.

Aren't these rear views terrific either?


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