Apr 24, 2011

Renee Ross - All Around A Winner

Since i started this blog, this is my first entry about Renee Ross. Clearly a sign that she has become rather quiet recently. Up For Grabs is the first release - only on Scoreland so far - with content that hasn't been seen before. I can't tell when this image set was shot. It definitely does tell though why Renee is so incredibly popular.  She is all-round big, her boobs are 40J, so even huge, with everything on her being wonderfully shaped. And she has such a pretty face. These feature already make a good starting-point for popularity. On top of that Renee Ross has a look that moves between 'decent (when needed)', funny, with a tad of goofiness, genuine, naturally confident and up for anything. While, between all these facets, she always looks positively 'familiar'. One just gotta love her for that all-around blazing package who she is. A true superstar.

Up For Grabs plays a bit on 'hooter fantasies', although it isn't a hardcore setting. Renee poses in an 'urban' looking scenery, and takes $$$ for (very) short grabs. The lighting + colors are impressive, Renee's outfit radiant and her posing just dramatically hot. Wonderful stuff. Samples from the promo gallery:


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