Apr 8, 2011

Terry Nova - Bra Testing By The Palm Tree

Terry Nova has been rather quiet for more than a year now. How many out there would love to see much more of her glorious 36F boobs, her long sexy legs, her tight ass and not to forget her gorgeous face which always shines out? I would expect the number of Terry addicts to be huge. As usual, we have no official info whether Terry just 'moved on' or producers are thinking that more new content wouldn't generate enough sales, and lay off hiring her.

Scoreland now released Terry's Bra Hang-Up, an image set perfectly reminding us of how amazing Terry Nova is. We only can speculate if these photos are brand new or where taken at shooting sessions a while back. However, the Scoreland site alone has 8 more photo sets (check the Model Directories below for more details), so this new release adds to a substantial collection. And when i look at these samples, Terry's array of sexy treats is indeed wonderful. I see my eyes wandering between her boobs, her face, her … Lordy, she's such a sexy sweet devil!!


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