Apr 11, 2011

June Kelly - Overflowing Curves On Another Level

When you're looking for a BIG girl, i mean a true BBW (and not one in the sense what the mainstream media calls a BBW), in particular one endowed with huge boobs - who would come to mind? Well, June Kelly certainly would be one of the first names to pop up. Her boobs - Boobpedia tells they're 42I, but they should be bigger now - obviously are some of the biggest and well shaped treasures in the whole industry. As well she is carrying a lot of soft extra-curviness with her, making her a true BBW goddess. At the same she seems to be a real character, amazingly relaxed and easy going, but with a distinctive personality (is there ZEN in porn?), making her work - most of it is hardcore - particularly enjoyable. I'd prefer it though if producers paid a little more attention to her outfits and style. What reminds me of some super glamourous work she did once. Giving me the idea - if i find that again - to cover it with a post on Beyond The Hype.

PlumperPass now released this new update, her 4th to the site, called Blondes Get More Cum. You guessed it, more hardcore with June Kelly! She looks substantially bigger than ever before - definitely fresh content. And June doesn't hide one inch of it. While she slips into action as dedicated and overflowing as we all know her. With her expanded shape, June Kelly looks overwhelming like you haven't seen her before. Screen cap from the low res Flash trailer, the WMV preview clips and samples from the preview gallery:


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