Mar 20, 2014

Miosotis - Netted. And Using My Chair!

I know, this blog needs updates. I just have been too busy with other stuff in the past weeks, mainly music. So it's about time to reorder priorities again… Miosotis of course was not using MY chair - maybe i wish she would :D We've seen this chair before when Kristina Milan was blessing it with her overflowing curves. And now it's Miosotis' turn. Maybe somebody would pay a good price for this special piece of furniture? Either way, this net dress obviously does gives a perfect impression of how incredibly huge her boobs are, no matter if she is sitting on or standing next to this infamous chair. Did i mention that i love chair sets anyway? What a sweet opportunity to show off in all kinds of ways! In Tit Net has been released at The-Real-Miosotis (a couple of weeks ago), Mio's personal site, the only place to find new Miosotis content, and occasionally Kristina Milan too.


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