Aug 9, 2011

Valory Irene: If You Want It All (New Site)

It's been a busy year for Valory Irene since she debuted for Score. She is BTW, at least when Elliot James from Score shared that info, their only model with an exclusive contract. Now Score created a site for her. Not a regular paysite, like they've created for Arianna Sinn for example. It's rather a special offer to download "her entire collection" of images and videos, including some unreleased content and "keep them FOREVER". So you pay once $59.99 (no recurring fee), like with a webshop, and get an access key to a site with all the download links.

That's a new kind of offer and i'm really curious about how it will work. The fee may look a bit steep at first glance. But only then. Valory Irene is featured on 4 DVDs (on 2 of them exclusively), plus a bunch of content released on the various Score sites. They say it's "5 DVDs worth of content". So definitely not a bad price, in particular after you consider the prices for the individual DVDs. Or how much money you can spend on webcam shows.

I think however that Score should provide more info about the video specs. I for example wouldn't want to download videos in the aging WMV format. The bitrate should be decent too, while the resolution (720p or 1080p) would be less of a concern. It's a healthy bitrate that prevents videos from looking grainy.

But maybe such extra info will be added soon. The Valory's Vault site is new, without any official advertising so far, and i just discovered it when browsing Valory's model directory.

A screen cap of Valory's Vault:

Here's a few very low res screen caps from the Flash trailer of her All Yours DVD. Btw, i'm so turned on by the way she talks.


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