Aug 17, 2011

Nadine Jansen: Retirement Considerations

She started modeling exactly 11 years ago, her own site launched almost 10 years ago and her kid is 4 years old now. So such considerations certainly are not coming out of the blue. Still i would terribly miss the updates with Nadine Jansen. Not just that, it would somehow mark a major turning point after Nadine probably had been the most popular model in the last 10 years, and, what makes her shine even stronger, her popularity bridged a whole range of fans with different preferences, something that hardly any other model has achieved. But wait, Nadine hasn't retired yet! What we have is a consideration that she posted to her members area last month. One member emailed me it instantly. And after i've seen discussions at a few other places, i have no doubts that it's legit:

"I am thinking about retiring and if it is time to give more space to my models, or maybe start something new. What do you think? 10 years is quite a long time."

A definite farewell would be worded differently, that's for sure. From my observations (just concluding from her releases) i think that she can be quite spontaneous or 'loose' in what she says. But also that she is a very serious girl and has a definite compass in her thoughts. Thus i'd assume that these thoughts are going through her head currently and she will make a final decision (or not) sometimes later. I really hope that Nadine Jansen's members are giving her an overwhelming feedback and chase her murky thoughts away. I also hope that her site (and earnings) are not affected badly by the well known factors - bad economy, file sharing - so that shooting content has been getting less and less worth the effort financially.

I definitely can't see that Nadine is 'losing steam' regarding her looks. As well her posing still looks as fresh as if she just had started. Good times is Nadine Jansen's latest update, showing her in her trademark casual/super sexy style with her striking range of facets. What i notice is that her hair color looks lighter - nice! And that she lost a few pounds, something that she's been trying for years, finally with a bit more success obviously. I personally wouldn't argue with her current look - Nadine is Nadine - as long as she's not aiming for a drastic change like Eden Mor.



  1. She is, by far, one of the most beautiful girl I've ever seen. Her more mature look is wonderful. She is a real woman and one of my most secret dream star.

  2. Well its now two years later and she is still modelling! I remember reading this on her site with absolute horror. But I have to admit it was not a total surprise. In recent years before this announcement she had shown less interest in her site. I emailed her with the simple message "Nein nein nein Nadine können wir nicht leben ohne dich nein nein nein Nadine!" No Nadine we can’t live without you. I guess she must have had many messages similar to this in response to her question "what do you think”. Maybe Nadine posted it to see just how her fans would respond. Maybe she needed a confidence boost. For whatever reason Nadine has never mentioned retiring since. However everything has to come to an end eventually. She now has a job. This is the first time as far as I know that she has done anything other than model since leaving collage. She is also 32 now. Most models don't last for more than a couple of years before doing some hardcore and then disappearing.
    This year so far there has only been six new sets from Nadine. I fear the next time her retirement is mentioned it will indeed be the end of her career. I hope it’s not too soon!

  3. Nadine, you should do more photos of your ass and maybe more girl on girl stuff with more touching in "certain" areas.


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