Aug 21, 2010

Playing Pool Her Style - Shione Cooper Update On DDFBusty

Shione Cooper remains SPECIAL. After a flood of releases at a worrying rate - in the last 6 months i counted something like 25 hardcore scenes with her alone (after being a softcore model before), Shione has been featured with a bunch of solo releases in the recent weeks. Not sure if that's just accidental. Nobody except her can tell  probably. But i certainly don't complain, as her solo performances usually have their own thrill, showing her as a whole unique package. I btw made serious attempts to do an interview with her, without success so far, as my contacts weren't good enough to reach her.

At a billiard table Shione of course is in her element. Expect her whole range of qualities, in full effect. DDFBusty, as usual, offers high quality photos together with a video in a variety of formats, including crisp H.264 quality. Here's a couple of screenshots from the 4 promo trailers.


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