Feb 28, 2011

Maria Moore: Something's Going On In The Neighborhood…

It's Maria Moore! … Imagine you're on your way home. Boring, random and contourless thoughts in your mind…  … All of a sudden something unexpected shakes your vision. What is THAT??  You double-check, yes, this is that same street. And those same houses. But everything looks so changed. And your thoughts are no longer without contours... 

Maria Moore has conjured up a hell of an impression with this tight red-violet dress. And her naturally kool (but not overdone) look together with these sunglasses perfectly increases that visual thunder. New video update on Maria Moore/Her personal site.



  1. One of the best models ever. Especially for her lovely face

  2. Definitely! And i love it how Maria can do a such a (one would think) simple thing like walking on the street, but make it look so exceptional. I think that effect to a large part is due to her wonderful personality as well.


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