Nov 18, 2014

Nurse Hitomi And Pregnant Katharina Hartlova - At Nadine Jansen's

Only a couple of weeks ago i started to follow Hitomi's Twitter. Must say she does a great job with it. It's about half in Japanese, half in English - fair enough! Hitomi posts a whole range of stuff, from locations where she is traveling to, behind the scenes pics or just photos of herself. She comes across as a very determined girl with a sweet vibe. Very kool. From there the news got official that she is in Europe (for the first time ever, i assume) - in Germany, to be exact and shooting for Nadine Jansens's and Milena Velba's site. Several updates have gone live since then.

The other recent big news has been Katharina Hartlova (aka Katerina, Kata etc) being pregnant. The first update came with a video to Nadine's site - Katerina taking care of her beginning to expand body. She was 4 months pregnant then. This one now - Hitomi Meets Katharina - was shot more recently, towards the end of October, during Hitomi's surprise travel to Germany. Obviously! Katharina feels that she needs a good breast massage. Good to have a nurse like Hitomi around! Sure enough, Katharina returns  the favor later. And eventually we do not only see massages of, but also WITH breasts. Hitomi Meets Katharina has hit Nadine Jansen's site early November in various formats and is running 25 minutes! 


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